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    We curate residential and hostel properties that are conveniently located around your universities.

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    No more worries about getting the right price and a fair tenancy. We are the market experts and we are looking out for you.

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    Book through our safe and convenient system - you do not pay any brokerage or agent fee. We charge only a small processing fee that is a fraction of brokerage.

  • We work

    No more spending precious $ on hotels for weeks while you find a house. We take care of basic essentials like house, sim card and travel card so you can hit the ground running.

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Are you a landlord, homestay manager or hostel looking to rent out to international students?

Every year, thousands of international students look for their new home in Singapore. They are looking for long-term accommodation and great hosts and landlords like you. Do you want to be part of their future?

You speak and we listen

  • Anshul Bansal
    Amazing help for a newcomer in Singapore
  • Abhishek Chakravarty
    Hassle free search for accommodation in Singapore
  • Himanshu Grover
    Hundreds of options curated to meet the needs of students

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About Oxfordcaps

Oxfordcaps is an online community to help students connect and interact with other students – be it finding your perfect home or roommate, Oxfordcaps is there for you. We curate residential and purpose-built student accommodation options through our web platform. Now you are empowered with an arsenal of information that you need in a new country; from accommodation listings (with videos of how each space looks like), lifestyle related content so you know what to do in Singapore, and a community of fellow students! The #OCarsenal will help you chill and concentrate on what really matters - your #studentlife!
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