Belong, arrive, and celebrate
with Oxfordcaps residences

Oxfordcaps understands the wants and needs of students and this is how it has come up with this insight of creating places to stay where the students feel comfortable, no matter where they want to go or where they have come from. It is a place where students can take a leap to their university years and make the most of their time there.

Take a stride with us and
enjoy your everyday living

We have provided a new edge to student living and have introduced state-of-the-art hostels for the comfort of the students. Now We’ve got all the facilities you’d expect from expensive accommodation so that you may share experiences and make everlasting friendships. Book with us now to enhance the quality of your everyday living!

Jump off, stop existing,
and start living with us

Our aim is to build the finest space for you so that you find your purpose in life and are ready to make a change. We don’t only aim at building well thought out and best quality accommodation for students, but also a one of kind invigorating environment that is exciting as well as encouraging.

Oxfordcaps provides a living
experience you can walk to

Oxfordcaps student residences showcase how booking an accommodation can be a great way to stay secure while making lifelong friendships along the way - without sacrificing the comfort granted by an upscale hostel.